Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mid week Teriyaki

Again, it was raining today but we need the rain here in Perth. I was rushing from a meeting to work so I needed some lunch to keep me going as well as dry while the rain storm passed.

Tao was nearby so I thought I’d give it a go. While I am a fan of Raman, I thought I would try something else. The Teriyaki Bento Box appealed to me so I ordered that as well as some Sushi to take with me to work for dinner.

The Teriyaki was perfect and tasted so good as well as the miso soup. It was such a nice punctuation to a busy day to be able to sit there is such a nice restaurant was lovely.

The menu is varied and there is something for everyone. There staff are also friendly and efficient.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Noodles at Mama's

On a wet and windy Perth winter’s night, I felt the need for pho. I couldn’t be bothered to cook and I was going out with a posse of friends to go to a WA Symphony Orchestra concert so I thought I would pop in to Mama’s Trans on the way to the concert hall.

It was kinda quiet night for Mama Trans but that is ok because it meant that my food came out super quick. I got the noodle soup with pork and prawn and it was just perfect and hit the spot while being perfectly full of flavour.

Mama Tran has several outlets in various locations around Perth and makes a great fast food alternative to the many burgers and chicken “restaurants” that are out there.  

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Nao Raman Almost Favourite

I’ve kinda been obsessed with Raman recently. Maybe because it is winter and it is cold out but maybe because it just tastes good. Plus, it helps that there is a Raman place on every corner in Perth, not that I’m complaining because I love it!!!

You know if a place is popular by the number of people lining up outside and the number of non-anglo Australians there. When I visited Nao, it was packed and I only got a seat because I was on my own on the way home from meeting my posse in Northbrige.

I loved how there were different types of noodles available. Just for something new, I went for the green noodles and salty broth. It would have been nice to have an egg and more seaweed but it was nice all the same.

It came out super fast and the green tea was nice.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

A bowl of Raman helped to power through

You know those weeks, when you’re rushing from one thing to another; from work to study or from uni to family or volunteer commitments, most of us have lots of stuff on.   

This was one of those weeks for me and I had so much to on but a bowl Raman helped me to power through. I work full-time and study plus do volunteer work with this week being the time for board training.

By Thursday, I was too exhausted to go home before training so I popped into Kizuki Raman and Izakaya for some food to get me through the final stages of my day.

It was virtually empty when I got there except for another group of people and a waitress with headphones hanging out of one ear.

After ordering some Raman from an ipad in the corner, I sat down and the waitress showed me to a table and put my bag in a seat that went under my chair. But I loved how the Ipad allowed you to choose so much about your Raman so you couldn't really be disappointed. 

The Raman came out quickly with my green tea. The dish tasted better than it looked with the pork flavour coming through strongly. I felt so much better after my meal and I really enjoyed this restaurant. Its nice décor was nice and made eating here even better and it gave me the energy to get through my evening.

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Seeking a literary refuge!

There is something especially geeky about writers’ festivals. Days and days full of sessions with either a writer discussing their book or a panel of authors discussing a particular issue.

You come away feeling so inspired and all you want to do is to spend days and day just reading. Stuff everything else, stuff real life and adult responsibilities, I just want to read!

This year was no less perfect than every year before. The venue was perfect and so was the weather. The piers at Welsh Bay did seem a little crowed this year but that was just down to my perception.

My highlights were seeing prolific Feminist Author Roxanne Gay and hearing her talk on gender, politics, body image, race relations as well as David Marr and John Safran speak about the Politics of Fear.

Clementine Ford and Robert Jensen were part of a great session chaired by Catherine Fox on gender that covered everything from masculinity, male privilege, porn, men and feminism and women in public life, including the internet. In true style, when Clementine Ford’s baby work up from it’s nap she continued to breast feed it, etc. while carrying on talking without pause.


Another lovely session was a tribute to veteran broadcaster Mark Colvin whose life was cut way too short earlier this year. It interesting to hear about his early early life and work as a foreign correspondent.

There were many more sessions that I couldn’t get to but for those I’ll just have to be content to hear them in podcast mode.

I have to wait until next year, when the Sydney Writers’ Festival will again be my refuge and happy place.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Brunch in the name of love

Being in Byron Bay and a mecca for hippies in Australia and an icon for that idyllic Australian beach lifestyle. It’s cool if that’s your thing.  

So of course, their cafés reflect this beach lifestyle, especially the Byron Fresh café. It has a beach shack kinda vibe and the staff look like they’ve just come in for a surf while being efficient and quick.

My 4-grain porridge with chia seeds, hazelnuts and fruit were perfect, it was one of the best I’ve had and I’m English.

The coffee came out super fast and was pretty good. The Ancient Golden Milk was an experience but in a good way. Think spices, think autumn, think awesome.

Byron Fresh was fantastic, the food was amazing and the vibe was chilled and relaxed. They didn’t mind me sitting there catching up on stuff on my laptop while enjoying watching the world go past.      


They do more than breakfast and their Happy Hour starts at 3 which is good to know.

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